Convergent Software

- Driving Convergence to RFID Standards.

Convergent Software works closely with RFID-related standards and develops software to support and encourage the correct use of those standards.

Privacy & RFID

Due to concerns over privacy issues related to RFID applications, EN 16571 RFID Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) has been published. Convergent Software has developed software, the RFID PIA Recorder, to greatly reduce the effort required to complete the EN 16571 RFID PIA. It also mitigates the risk of errors inherent in a manual assessment process.

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RFID in Libraries

When ISO 28560 was published in 2011, it provided libraries with the opportunity to adopt international standards for RFID. The Convergent Software products that support ISO 28560-2 enable libraries and vendors to adopt the standard in a fully compliant manner.

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Other Sectors

We have also developed software for airline baggage handling but we are open to working in new different sectors.

Because our software supports encoding rules specified in ISO/IEC 15962, we are able to develop solutions for other sectors, including some aspects of GS1 EPC.

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